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This girl is such an inspiration to me! She’s so sweet and kind and funny and beautiful and she has helped me get through one of the toughest times in my life when no one else understood what I was going through. She has taught me not to believe everything people say and to not judge someone before you know what they’ve been through. Omg I could go on but I’m trying to make this as short and sweet as possible. Tabby, you’re a wonderful person inside and out. Thank you for being an amazing friend! 💖
Everyone go follow @tabs24xscore on Instagram and subscribe to her channel on YouTube. 😊

Awww cute
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Nothing drives me crazier than seeing a guy take an amazing girl for granted. Fuck you you piece of fucking shit thinking you’re better! You’re just a selfish piece of shit who thinks you’re the shit but really you’re just shit. I know I can do a hell of a lot better treating your girl like a fucking goddess than you you fucks!
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It would be nice to feel wanted once a while.
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Oh damn
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Anonymous asked:
Green. c;


Facts about my body:
-I wear a size 5 (US) shoe
-I wear a size 0 & 1 in (US) jeans
-I wear a size 38B in bra
-I have piercings
-I have a regretful tattoo on my hand
-I have a cutie booty !

I wanna see a cute booty. 😁😳😊

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